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At Central London Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic we offer a variety of high-quality treatments. For our patients' results, we sometimes need to recommend other types of services, considering the best available outside the clinic.

That's why I've been constantly building my list of trusted professionals, ready to offer you their remarkable expertise.
Felix Ma
Personal Trainer
Founder & Head Trainer
at Flexible Strength Ltd

Personal training for over 8 years, I offer a holistic approach to improving your fitness and wellbeing, proven to get sustainable results for busy people.
'My motivation is to help you optimise your health and body awareness so that you can enjoy your work life balance and recreational activities. I’d like to provide the opportunity for you to take back control of your health, feel reenergised and boost vitality. You don’t need to accept the sedentary side effects. You shouldn’t convince yourself this is “normal” and the price you have to pay for working hard. Together we can mitigate pain and discomfort (such as lower back pain, tight hips, shoulder discomfort) that comes with the desk-bound hours and get healthier.
I am currently working with 1 on 1 clients in a private studio near Old Street station'.

Pilates teacher
Fully Qualified (BASI)
Pilates teacher

Eyal is a fully qualified (BASI) Pilates teacher who offers his clients guidance to make a better and healthier use of their body inside and outside of the Pilates studio. Whether you've tried Pilates before or not, there is so much on offer, come and try a fun workout with Eyal, let's get moving! Eyal offers a bespoke approach to each individual using Pilates equipment- Pilates can improve your posture, strength and flexibility, it can help you become pain-free, assist with your recovery from injury and boost your sports performance.

Before his training, Eyal suffered from back issues. This was due to not having enough core strength and a result of too many hours in front of a computer working as an Architect. In 2015, Eyal made a big change in his life, he was after a long-lasting and sustainable solution to these issues and found it by changing his physical habits and way of living. He went on to study the Alexander Technique followed by Pilates teacher training. From his personal experience he developed a passion exploring how to move well and with ease. Combining these methods with Tai Chi and Qigong movement he provides practical tools and guides his clients to make the necessary adjustments and changes to how they use their body.

The Pilates studio is fully equipped and is located a short walk from Old St Station, opposite Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Feel free to contact Eyal directly on

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